Women of Troy/Voices from Afghanistan

Yalda Baktash and Susan Galbraith

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About the Play

Alliance for New Music-Theatre ventures on its most ambitious cross-cultural collaboration work to date in a music-rich retelling of Euripides’ most famous anti-war play "Trojan Women" set in modern day Afghanistan. As the women sing and share their stories, they reach into Afghanistan’s rich and multi-cultural past, stitching together, as their characters stitch, stories and songs that bring us into a deeper and more complex portrait of a country most of us only see through the lens of a war-torn country. The resilience of Afghan women and the beauty of their creative expressions manifest an uplifting side of the country’s full story. We learn through the voices, the music, poetry, and arts of strong women that the culture will flourish again.

This new music-theatre adaptation is being developed as a cross-cultural collaboration between Afghan and American artists and will showcase the cooperative efforts of two playwright-poets, two co-composers, and 16 performers drawn from American and Afghan musicians and singer-actors.
This project is an important collaboration with the Afghan Embassy in DC and is central to our mission to develop new works that emblemize cultural diplomacy with Embassy partners who understand the importance of changing the popular narrative of their country to present a story that champions the resilience and deep roots of their culture and the important role of women in developing and nurturing the rebirth of civil society.

Susan Galbriath (Playwright)

Writer, Director, and Performer, Susan Galbraith has worked in both classical and contemporary theater and dance repertory. Susan is a founding member of the Alliance for New Music-Theatre and currently serves as its president and Artistic Director.

Dawn Avery (Composer/ Musician)

Dawn Avery, composer, cellist, vocalist, educator and GRAMMY nominated performer has worked with musical luminaries Luciano Pavarotti, Sting, John Cale, John Cage, R. Carlos Nakai, and Phillip Glass. She's toured around the world playing Delta Blues with the Soldier String Quartet, Persian Funk with Karsh Kale and Sussan Deyhim, Sufi and Afghan music with Humayun Khan and Reza Derakshani, and opera with the New York City Opera Company. As a singer/songwriter, Dawn’s newest work entitled LOVE SONGS FOR A CHANGING WORLD features Sufi concepts in a chill wave style, produced by Grammy winning artist, Larry Mitchell and his part of her most recent multi-media performance featuring whirling dervishes, film, and Native dance and was filmed by MCTV.

Milad Yousofi (Composer/ Musician)

Milad Yousofi is a composer and Rubab player working in contemporary Afghan Folk, World-Jazz and Fusion music. Milad wishes to promote the precious sound of Afghanistan's musical traditions and hopes to evolve the genre with his unique musical experience. Milad believes that when played well, the Rubab produces an ethereal sound that moves the spirit (Ruh) and leaves an impression on the listener that resonates well after the physical note has faded.


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