When She Had Wings

by Suzan Zeder

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About the Play

A nine year old girl named B fantasizes about flying in a makeshift cockpit she has built in a tree. The morning after a storm, B awakes to find A, a peculiar, elderly woman who “squawks” rather than talks, sharing her airplane. B believes that A is actually her heroine Amelia Earhart, who was never seen again after taking off across the Pacific Ocean. In exchange for B helping A finish her famous last flight, A promises B that she can and will fly! This story about using your imagination and making the impossible possible, combines live sound and puppetry to create striking images and theatrical magic.

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Suzan Zeder (Playwright)

Suzan Zeder has been recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leading playwrights for young and family audiences in the United States. Her plays have been produced in all 50 states and 10 countries. Dr. Zeder is a four-time winner of the Distinguished Play Award by the American Alliance of Theatre and Education.


Kathryn Chase Bryer (Director)

Kathryn Chase Bryer is the Associate Artistic Director at Imagination Stage where she has directed over 30 shows in the last 22 years. Kate spearheaded My First Imagination Stage, an Early Childhood program that focuses on children ages 1-5, providing fun and developmentally-appropriate exercises through classes and live performances.


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