Trish Tinkler Gets Saved

by Jacqueline Goldfinger

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About the Play

Trish had a bad day. Scratch that. A bad week. Well, a bad month, maybe? A bad year, definitely. And last night she was kicked off a rock 'n' roll tour bus. And an hour ago she was kicked out of AA after admitting that she was only there to meet a wing-woman. And this very minute she is at the Eat 'n' Save Mini-Mart standing in aisle 7 with two bucks in her pocket. Then Jesus appears to her. Or maybe it's just the second coming of Whitesnake. Whatever. A loving presence promises to give her the secret to getting everything that she wants in life…after it takes a call from Mom. So on her 40th birthday, Trish Tinkler camps out in aisle 7 of the Eat 'n' Save. And waits. And waits. And waits. Trish Tinkler Gets Saved is a new comedy about finding home in the most unexpected places.

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Jacqueline Goldfinger (Playwright)

Jacqueline Goldfinger’s Skin & Bone won Best New Play at the 2014 Philadelphia Critics Awards and was nominated for the Blackburn Prize. Her 2012 drama Slip/Shot, won the Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play, was nominated for the Weissberger Award and developed at PlayPenn and the Lark's Playwrights' Week. jacquelinegoldfinger.com

Unexpected Stage Company

Performing at
Randolph Road Theater
4010 Randolph Road
Silver Spring, MD 20902