This is All Just Temporary

Olivia Haller

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About the Play

Lauren, a recent college grad, moves back in with her parents while she looks for a job. However, the behavioral aggression of Noah, Lauren’s adult brother with autism, is severely increasing. Lauren struggles between her desire to move away and the urgent need to help her family in a time of crisis. 

This is All Just Temporary is an experiential performance that shapes the audience's understanding through Noah's lens. Though never seen onstage, Noah becomes present through bursts of light and sound, echoing misfired synapses and heightened sensory interactions.  As the world seeks the key to understanding this individually unique condition, the family's burning desire to communicate with Noah is explored through shadows, echoes, and a narrative that carries the weight of love.

The show runs 90 minutes without an intermission. Most performances are followed by a 30 minute “Converging Minds” conversation with local advocates and people who live this story.

Performances are at the Anacostia Arts Center and generously supported by ARCH Development.

If you’re interested in a list of accessible performances, you can find a calendar here.


Olivia Haller (Playwright)

Olivia Haller is a DC-based dramaturg, playwright, actor and Convergence company member. Recent credits: Witch (Convergence Theatre) Klecksography (Rorschach Theatre), Bhavi the Avenger (Convergence Theatre), and It’s What We Do (Capital Fringe Festival). Olivia serves in the Connectivity department at Woolly Mammoth Theatre.  Education: BFA, Theatre Arts, Boston University. www.oliviahaller.net.

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