The Point

by Marilyn Ansevin Austin

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About the Play

Arcturus Theater Company once again explores some of the complexities of the mind and their effects on social relationships. This time the subject is dementia, with the central character, Fran, who has started to lose her mind and has found some of the simpler tasks in life impossibly challenging.  She had been a successful physician, but into retirement has had trouble living her life well due to her mental and emotional deterioration.  As Fran’s actions become more irrational, her family and friends intervene on her behalf with varied levels of success.  A friend of many years, whose professional life has been denied to him because of misunderstood intentions, becomes a key figure for Fran in this difficult stage of her life, and together they discover “the point.”  Augmenting the themes of the show are original set designs by D.C. muralist and visual artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer and music composed especially for the show by Arcturus company member Evan J. Dice.


Marilyn Ansevin Austin (Playwright)

The longtime D.C. area resident, a psychotherapist in private practice, graduated from Muskingum University, and has a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois and a Doctorate from the University of Maryland.  She is a performing flutist and, besides this play, has written poems, short stories, and a children’s book.

Arcturus Theater Company

Performing at
Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church
201 Fourth St., SE
Washington, DC 20003