The October Issue

by Jaci Pulice and The October Issue Ensemble

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About the Play

The all-female cast of The October Issue creates an improvised show inspired by the traditional format of a women’s magazine. In each one-of-a-kind performance, the cast delivers an unvarnished look at life from a woman’s perspective by way of articles, interviews, quizzes, photoshoots, horoscopes, advice columns, and a lot of unnecessary tips. Audience members watch as the cast flips through the pages of a spontaneously created publication and bring it to life with their ideas and suggestions! Inspired, fun and Photoshop-free, this magazine will be held to the highest standards of keeping it real and keeping it really hilarious.


Jaci Pulice (Director)

Jaci Pulice is thrilled to direct The October Issue on behalf of Washington Improv Theater. She has trained at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre and Washington Improv Theater. She currently performs with the WIT ensemble iMusical. She can frequently be found perusing the pages of the latest Marie Claire (it was doing this pastime that inspired her to create this show). Jaci promises to direct a show that is honest, refreshing and more exciting than an ad that includes a sample of skin cream.


The October Issue Ensemble (Devisors)

Week after week, The October Issue ensemble shares their unique perspective on a gamut of women’s magazine “hot topics.” Every issue is improvised and therefore written on the spot—there's no editor red-lining their articles. Be prepared for the hilarious, unscripted, hot-off-the-press comedic stylings of: Lura Barber, Megan Cummings, Catherine Deadman, Jenna Hall, Eva Lewis, Dana Malone, Molly Murchie, Nancy Norman, Caroline Pettit, and Nikki Stowers.


Washington Improv Theater

1835 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009