The Long Way Around

by Julia Starr

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About the Play

When free-spirited Addie makes the radical decision to leave their small town in Illinois to live openly as a lesbian in Chicago, Luce finds herself at a crossroads: does she accept the nostalgic and familiar love she and Addie once shared as teen-aged girls, riding around in a Subaru with the windows down, or does she continue on her current trajectory, living in the same zip-code as her parents with her fiancé-turned-husband Nathan? Exploring the fuzzy line between friendship and romance in female relationships, The Long Way Around is a pondering on the oft-forgotten “Q” in the “LGBTQ” acronym — questioning.


Julia Starr (Playwright)

Julia Starr is a rising senior at Stanford University. Her full-length play Crazy Runs in the Family received its professional premiere at The Highwood Theatre in July 2014. In October 2014, she began workshopping her new play The Long Way Around at Stanford, after writing it under the guidance of playwright Cherríe Moraga. She currently serves as Executive Producer of Ram’s Head Theatrical Society, Stanford’s oldest and largest theater organization. She has received playwriting awards from Columbia College Chicago and Scholastic.


Melissa B. Robinson (Director)

Melissa B. Robinson is a Washington, D.C.-based actor, journalist and author who’s appeared locally with WSC Avant Bard, Pallas Theatre Collective, force/collision, Rainbow Theatre Project, Spooky Action Theater, Forum Theatre (2012 Over The Line festival) and the Kennedy Center’s 14th annual Page-to-Stage festival, among others. In addition to directing for Women’s Voices, Melissa is appearing as “Annie” in Marilyn Ansevin Austin’s The Point (Arcturus Theater Co.) Earlier this year, Melissa played Franz Kafka’s mother in Tadeusz Różewicz’ The Trap (Ambassador Theatre) and Silda Grauman in Jon Robin Baitz’ Other Desert Cities (The Highwood Theatre), & danced in an original piece at Joy of Motion, where she studies modern & jazz. Melissa trains at The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory and is a teaching-artist with Shakespeare, Alive!, a company that brings performance and actor-oriented activities to Maryland schools. Her film & TV credits include a supporting role in the thriller Deviance (2015). A professional journalist, Melissa is a former AP reporter and author of The Search for Canasta 404 (UPNE, 2006), the true story of a missing Vietnam-era Navy pilot. Her recent work as a travel writer & photographer can be found at Lost in Australia.


The Highwood Theatre

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