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Peepshow takes-back objectification and sexism, and kicks the patriarchy where it counts. Over Peepshow’s five spectacles, performers will review the four waves of feminism in a wrestling ring, explore the complexities of the male gaze through Broadway show tunes, and expose the modern woman’s complicity in her own oppression through a synchronized-swimming-and Kpop-inspired-ballet. There isn't another offering as part of the Women's Voices Theatre Festival with a multi-sensory ode to female genitalia, which means Peepshow is not to be missed. Recommended for 18yo+. 100% accessible to and enjoyable by hearing and Deaf audience members. Peepshow is an intimate experience, capped at 30 persons per showing.

If you’re interested in a list of accessible performances, you can find a calendar here.

dog & pony dc (Playwright)

The creation of Peepshow began with 16 artists attending an intensive devising weekend in August 2017. From there, dog & pony dc's artistic leadership duo, Rachel Grossman and Ivania Stack, and company member Tosin Olufolabi, drafted the show outline. Peepshow's spectacles were then crafted by Grossman, Stack, and Olufolabi, co-founder/company member Lorraine Ressegger-Slone, and Sandra Mae Frank, Natasha Gallop*, Kala Granger, Amelia Hensley, Ouida Maedel, Kerry McGee*, Elaine Yuko Qualter*, and Carol Spring (* = company members). dog & pony dc is an ensemble-based devised theatre company comprised of hearing and Deaf artists. While dog & pony dc creates new plays and interactive experiences, the company's mission is to inspire self-discovery, forge new relationships, and champion social change. 



dog & pony dc

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company Rehearsal Hall
641 D Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

(202) 670-5347