Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer's Doorway

by Sandra Kammann

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About the Play

While navigating life’s challenges, Melissa feels the widening gap between her dreams for the future and her daily existence. A sense of powerless mediocrity threatens to overtake her once buoyant nature. When the dreams begin, she is unaware of their meaning, and the gifts they offer.  Startled awake again by the same uneasy dream, she hears retreating voices singing a familiar blessing in a language she no longer knows. Through the portal of these dreams, the story of Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway unfolds. With a stirring musical score and elements of ancient poetic lore, Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway weaves tangible magic, offering a compelling message for our time.


Sandra Kamman (Playwright)

Sandra Kamman is a playwright, director, choreographer and cultural anthropologist, and lifelong practitioner of Transformational Theatre and mystical traditions. Founding Artistic Director: Sisters of One Eye Theatre Troupe. Playwright / Director: Crack Between the Worlds: the goddess returns (adaptation, Aeschylus’ The Eumenides), produced by Studio Theatre’s Secondstage, Helen Hayes nomination: Best Musical. Faculty: Kennedy Center Community Partnerships; Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory (1992-2013). M.A. Cultural Anthropology: Transformational Theatre (Honors), GWU.

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